“The prayer of the righteous person is powerful
in what it can achieve.” James 5:16

Otter Praying by Pinterest

Otter Praying
by Pinterest

There were many of us coming together Saturday for the prayer vigil and fast. He promises us that if we come together and agree in His name and are asking according to His will, He will do it! (Matthew 18:19)  Of course this is barring any obstacles, or reasons why prayer might be blocked, like for example, if perhaps we don’t have clean hearts (something standing in the way personally of our prayers) or other obstacles – the free will of Satan and people (for some insights on prayer and unanswered prayer, go here).

I think Greg Boyd (Senior pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota) is right when he says the stronger the stronghold the more effort we need to break it down. God doesn’t want us treating animals like we do so we can be confident we are asking according to His will. It’s all the other variables we have no control over and that God also has, albeit more control than we, but limited control, as well, nonetheless, because of the choices of other free beings who do not line up their wills with His will.
All this being said, the world will be more Kingdomized than it was before we prayed. He does consider our efforts, and, he will consider our requests. We do have some say-so (for insight on our say-so go here)!
He wants to bring about His will through us; He “knows our frame,” that it is dust (Psalm 103:14); He knows the brokenness of the world and that He has to use what is available; we show up with a clean heart and do our best! We trust that, as He promised, He’s given us the Holy Spirit so we are not acting in our own power, but, bringing our best, we act in conjunction with the great power of the Holy Spirit. We trust in Him, we trust in His Spirit, we rest in His comfort, His great love, and are willing to do our utmost to go and do what and where He leads. Praise God!!
If you joined us in the fasting and prayer, thank you!  If you would like to, we will be doing this again and will keep you informed; most likely, we will hold a prayer vigil and fast once a month.
Thank you for reading and following our blog; your comments are always welcome! Marcello’s post, Part Two of “Is Vegetarianism Biblical?” is next!   ~Kathy

My calling as a Child of the Creator is to take the Gospel, as it relates to the WHOLE creation, to the world; and to remind the Church of its Biblical responsibilities to non-human animals and the earth.
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