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We are Disciples of Jesus who love His animal kingdom!  I, Kathy, started a Spiritual venture a few years ago that has led me to this blog endeavor, when one day I was awakened to the industrialization and incorporating of animals into factory settings.  Animals today are exploited on every level by man:  factory farms, vivisection, fur farms, puppy mills, canned hunting and hunting in general as a sport, animals in entertainment, and others.

The focus of this site will be mainly on our special calling to help bring the voice of Christ to issues surrounding His animal Kingdom; in no way are we alienating the human race nor are we down playing the many serious issues plaguing mankind; to the contrary.  Christ’s love is indivisible.  His call to us to care for the earth and the animals is as urgent as is our call within any issue plaguing mankind, as we witness for ourselves what is happening to the human race precisely because we have not heeded this particular call.  There is room within the doctrine of the church for these issues.  The call to practice Christ’s Kingdom values of love, kindness, mercy, non-violence extend to ALL He has made, first out of respect, love, and obedience to our Mutual Creator, and next, because as those created in His Image, we were created to do so.

This site will endeavor:

Using a Biblical approach, to share Christ’s love for us and all He has created, following the Holy Spirit’s lead, using the truth of scripture as it is revealed to us;

To focus on who animals are by exploring who they were created to be;

To explore what mankind’s role as the Shepherd over creation and the earth in the Image of the Good Shepherd is meant to look like;

To create a resource page to give the readers a place to find educational material on the topic of animal exploitation and abuse; information as to how to get involved and take action; information on diet and how to live a Vegan life-style;

To encourage others to speak out to their church leaders about the need for Creation Care Ministries within their own church body;

To serve as a tool for individuals to take information to their church bodies; as churches awaken to their role in creation care, we on this site hope to provide some material that leaders can use to help them create Creation Care Ministries for the body of Christ for which they serve, or point them to where they can be found;

To work alongside the animal welfare movement in their most important work, bringing the love of Christ with us in all we do, in hopes of revealing to those who have become hardened that our Lord and Savior really is a loving God.  To those who don’t know Him, we invite you to take a look and make an informed decision to such an important question as to what this life experience is really all about!  You will find when you search with your whole heart for Him and for the truth, that Our Abba Father will show up for you (Jeremiah 29:13); He is real, He is there for us, He does love animals very much, and He loves animal welfarists, each and every one, unsurpassably; it isn’t and never was His intent that mankind exploit animals the way that we have and do, and Jesus Christ really still is the answer to overcome every kind of evil plaguing this troubled world.

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