Guide to Justifications For Harming and Exploiting Animals

This is an excellent resource.  Here is a list of the topics covered, and the link to the page itself; you can click on each item below to find the answer, or go to the page and interact entirely with the content from there – (the link comes from this website –

1 It doesn’t harm animals to kill them
2 It doesn’t harm animals to take their eggs
3 It doesn’t harm animals to take their milk
4 But cows need to be milked right?
5 It doesn’t harm animals to take their wool
6 It doesn’t harm animals to take their silk
7 It doesn’t harm animals to take their honey
8 I just like the taste 
9 It’s my personal choice 
10 Morality is subjective, you can’t prove it’s wrong for me
11 It’s just a matter of opinion like religion 
12 It’s just a matter of culture
13 Our ancestors did it
14 We’ve got canine teeth 
15 Lions do it
16 Circle of life 
16b It’s natural
17 God put animals here for us to kill, bible says so
18 It’s been happening for hundreds of years
19 We have to eat animal products to survive 
20 They’re bred to be killed so it’s fine
21 They wouldn’t have been born without farmers, we did them a favour 
22 What about tribes who have to hunt to survive
23 What if you were on a deserted island
24 If you get bitten by a snake you’d take antivenom
25 Animals aren’t as intelligent as us
26 You’re humanizing animals, they’re not the same as us 
27 Some animals are to be killed some aren’t
28 Humane slaughter
29 Grass-fed, organic, free-range etc 
30 Killing animals for no reason is wrong, but if you have a reason it’s fine 
31 The whole world will never be 100% vegan
32 One person can’t make a difference 
33 You can’t be 100% vegan in modern society so why bother
34 If everyone went vegan, livestock would overpopulate
35 If everyone went vegan, livestock would go extinct

36 Those animals would just be killed in the wild anyway
37 You’re putting people out of jobs because of the effect on the industry
38 Vegans have no effect on anything 
39 It’s unsustainable 
40 It’s unhealthy

41 Protein
42 Iron
43 Calcium 
44 B12
45 It’s expensive 
46 Vegan food is all disgusting
47 Animals are killed in crop harvesting so vegans kill more animals

48 In Australia, grass-fed beef is more ethical than eating wheat
49 Plants have feelings
50 Don’t force your opinions on others
51 Stop judging me 
52 A vegan was rude to me once
53 Vegans are closed-minded 
54 I read about this couple who were vegan and they killed their baby 
55 Hitler was vegetarian
56 You get your companion animals euthanized, that’s the same
57 We have to test on animals to make sure cosmetics are safe
58 We have to test on animals to make medical advances
59 But would you use medicine to save your life? 
60 I’m a nihilist. I don’t care about anything apart from myself
61 Yeah but what do you feed your pets? I win
62 There are wars going on / people starving in the world
63 Yeah but sweat shops and slave labour
64 Vegan Sidekick’s comics are inaccurate / offensive
65 Yeah but there are other ways to promote veganism, this is ineffective



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