Links of Interest to Animal Welfare – Resources, Education, Pages, Stats

Shopping Guides to Find Humane Products Including Make-up – No Animal Testing!

Resources on “Compassion Fatigue”

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Pet in an Evacuation Situation

  • Survival and Wilderness Tips – This article explains how an owner can ensure the safety of their pet in an evacuation situation such as a natural disaster.

Statistical Information About Farming and Our Environment, Effects of Air Pollution on Pets, US States Ratings on Animal Welfare, and more

Local (Minnesota) Pet Rescue/Resource Pages

How to Find a Lost Dog, Soothing Videos for Animals During Fireworks

If You Find Baby Wildlife

Fake Petition Sites

Pages on This Site

Links of interest to animal welfare, events, and other education

Communal Eco Village

A communal, permaculture, eco village, built on Christian values and biblical truths to create a model for sustainable living while helping others engage in a relationship with Jesus.  Their mission:  “Bringing Divinity to the table and peace to all creation”

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