Links of Interest to Animal Welfare Education/Pages/Stats

Resources on “Compassion Fatigue”

Statistical Information About Farming and Our Environment and more

Links of interest to animal welfare, events, and other education

Communal Eco Village

A communal, permaculture, eco village, built on Christian values and biblical truths to create a model for sustainable living while helping others engage in a relationship with Jesus.  Their mission:  “Bringing Divinity to the table and peace to all creation”


9 Responses to Links of Interest to Animal Welfare Education/Pages/Stats

  1. M85 says:

    Good website, you should probably add some resources/links that talk about vegan nutrition:,,,
    Books like: The China Study by Colin t. Campbell, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by Colin T. Campbell, The China Study Cookbook, Prevent and Reverse Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, The Starch Solution by Dr. John Mcdougall.
    And the film “Forks over knives” with Colin T. Campbell, John Mcdougall and Neal Barnard.
    Most people know almost nothing about nutrition and even less about vegetarian nutrition.
    God bless you.

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    • lilbitdunn says:

      Thank you for your message and suggestions! Yes, the resource page needs some work, it is a work in progress. I like your suggestions! I plan to put up a category on the resource page specifically for vegan resources and nutrition, so your recommendations are great! Forks Over Knives is also a great idea. Eating Mercifully is another resource that I intend to put on that page as well.

      Thank you again, I hope you will visit often and follow the site! If you feel so inclined, please share the site, we are hoping to spread the word for Jesus sake! Lord bless you, too! ~Kathy

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  2. M85 says:

    sorry it’s and…

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  3. Thank you so much for including One Happy Table on your list of resources! Most importantly, thank you for all that you do for animals in Jesus’ name!

    — Lauren,

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    • kathy says:

      Lauren, thank you for your message, very glad to host your site! And thank you for your encouragement on our work, much appreciate you! Blessings of abundance ~Kathy

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  5. suzanne o'meara says:

    thank-you very much . i am interfaith & both christian or fransciscan & buddhist & vegetarian -semi vegan . am not expert at all . i like to be able to find free online prayer request sites for animals & myself who is victim of psycho abuses. for example – the web – saintspreserved – has free prayers to St Roch, saint of dogs . things like that someone like myself can benefit because what one can not do still there is a place to ask the expert every time a personal pet problem plus when seeing animals generally outside that need help – such as the local working horses or so on . thank-you -sorry am not professional.

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